Done and Dusted

What a lot of fun we had at the Getaway, earlier this week! Just under 40 attendees were treated to conversation, a contest, many raffle prizes and presents, a free workshop with Lenka Suchanek, and a wonderful pre-lunch talk from renowned clothing historian Ivan Sayers, whose program was about women’s clothing in Canada from 1867 – 2017. We finished off with our traditional lunch, and spent the final afternoon in lacemaking and more conversation.

We had 8 entries into the “Canada – 150 Years” exhibition, and the “People’s Choice” prizewinner was our own Donna Leong, with her beaver & branch and maple leaf, all done in wire lace. Photos will be up on our website later this week.

I think we are all looking forward to next year’s Getaway, which will be in Victoria, BC.

Lace Getaway Update

We have updated the information on the Lace Getaway page.

Wednesday’s program – a display and talk by costume expert Ivan Sayers – will take place before the lace luncheon, not afterwards as we have had it in the past.

Regarding the lace display, we want to clarify – we would like attendees to feel free to bring any of their lace for the general display. We do love to see what everybody else has made! However only the items falling into the “Canada – 150 Years” theme will be eligible for the “People’s Choice” award.

Hope to see you at the Getaway!

April Meeting Changed

We had a great meeting yesterday, working on the Getaway – not a lot of lace made, but a lot of work done, and plans made.

Put a note on your calendar – we have changed the date of the April meeting – it is now on Thursday, April 20th. Same time, same location, just a week earlier, to accommodate our efforts to make the Getaway (April 24-26) a success.  As usual, before the meeting we will send a reminder to our email list.

Volunteer Extraordinaire!



Nobody was surprised to see longtime club member Trudean at our January meeting. She almost always comes, and has for a long time. Trudean was at the very first club meeting I attended, way back in the late 1980s, and by that time she had been a member for almost 10 years! In fact, 2017 will be Trudean’s 40th year as a member of the Vancouver Lace Club. During that time she has helped us out a lot, especially with our bookkeeping – she’s our long-time treasurer, pays the rent, and wrangles the bank account.

We all know, though, that we’re not the only place where Trudean helps out. She’s a long-time volunteer at the Kennedy Seniors Centre, and is there almost every day, plus she volunteers here, there, and … well, not everywhere, but certainly in a lot of places. So when, at the last meeting, Trudean mentioned that on January 6th she traveled to Victoria to receive a medal for her volunteerism, most of us weren’t surprised. Of course she deserves a medal, for all that she’s done!

Like most of us, I had not heard of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers; until this year it had a different name: the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. This national recognition of Trudean’s services is a great honour. We are all so happy and excited for her, and filled with admiration for her service. Congratulations, Trudean!

Free Pattern! Lace Getaway Registration!

The registration form for our Lace Getaway, April 24-26, is ready for you to download! You will find it in the drop-down menu that appears when your mouse hovers over the “Lace Getaway 2017” menu tab above this message. We have also updated the information in the Lace Getaway information (click on the tab), and you can also reach the registration form from that page. You can send in your registration any time, but please note that due to the room size we are limited to about 50 participants.

I hope you are planning to enter your lace piece relating to Canada’s 150th anniversary in our lace exhibit! Some people are designing their own, but non-designers have been asking for a pattern to make a maple leaf in bobbin lace, and so we have created one. You will find the link to the Maple Leaf in Bobbin Lace pattern in the same menu bar as the Lace Getaway information. It is a plain tape lace outline that can be enlarged or reduced to fit any size thread. You can just make the outline, or you can fill in the space in the middle with a bobbin lace filling, or any other type of lace you like. A little tatted or needle lace roundel would look lovely in the middle.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Getaway.


Upcoming Meetings

Welcome, everybody, to 2017! I hope everyone is feeling good and ready to make lace!

Our next two meetings are January 26th and February 23rd, and as usual we will be in the boardroom of the East Hastings Community Centre in Vancouver. Our meeting locations can always be found in the “About Us” section on the top menu bar of this page.

Don’t forget to look at the “Lace Getaway 2017” tab on the same menu bar, for the latest information on our Getaway, to be held on April 24-26. These dates are Monday through Wednesday, with the BC Lace Luncheon held on the Wednesday. We’ll be updating the information, including the cost and how to register, over the next few weeks. I will post a message here when updates take place, so that those of you who are following this website will be notified.

If you’re reading this and you’re not following the website, why not? All you do is click on the “Follow this blog” option at the top right of this page, and enter your e-mail address. Once you’re following the blog any posts I make will be automatically e-mailed to you. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything.

I’ll also be updating the information on this year’s conventions, such as the IOLI convention in Philadelphia in July, the European conventions, and any others that I’m aware of. If you know of a convention that doesn’t have a link on the right-hand side of this page, do let me know.