We’ll Meet Again – We Know Where, We Know When

Today we finally had our first summer meeting in the Rose Garden at Queen’s Park. Great fun, and the perfect day for it, with a light breeze and filtered sunlight. The roses are still in bloom, and they’ve added some living pictures to the garden. Very pretty.

We decided to do the same thing again next week, so – Thursday, August 17, from 10 – 1, we’ll meet again in the gazebo. (map)



Meeting This Thursday

Just a quick note to say that our last official Lace Club meeting of the 2016-2017 year will take place this Thursday, June 22, at our regular location.

Continuing the tradition of the past few years, we will have a few outdoor meetings during the hot summer months. I can see everybody rolling their eyes – so far the weather hasn’t been warm, let alone hot, but they say it’s coming any day now. Honestly!

We will tell you of these outdoor meetings well ahead of time, with reminders closer to the day. Please do come to these meetings if you can – the more the merrier, and we hold them where we are sheltered from the sun (or rain, as the case may be).

April Meeting Changed

We had a great meeting yesterday, working on the Getaway – not a lot of lace made, but a lot of work done, and plans made.

Put a note on your calendar – we have changed the date of the April meeting – it is now on Thursday, April 20th. Same time, same location, just a week earlier, to accommodate our efforts to make the Getaway (April 24-26) a success.  As usual, before the meeting we will send a reminder to our email list.

Seattle Lace Day

Just a reminder that the Seattle Lace Day is this Saturday, October 24th, from 1-4 pm. If you have been to the Puget Sound Lacemakers meetings before, please note that the Lace Day is not in the same location; it is a few blocks away from there, in the Kent Commons building. (map)

Lace Club Meeting

Well, that was an interesting summer. The Portland conference kicked it off, and during July and August we had informal summer meetings in the Rose Garden at Queen’s Park. We had one attendee at the IOLI conference in Iowa at the end of July, and last Saturday Irene hosted a meeting at her new condo.

Now our regular Fall meetings are starting. Hope to see you on Thursday, September 24th, from 10 am to 1 pm, at the East Hastings Community Centre Boardroom. Drop-ins are welcome.

One reminder – this is the month we collect the dues for the next year: our regular members pay $20 for the year, or $3 per meeting to drop in. First time drop-ins do not have to pay the meeting fee.