Volunteer Extraordinaire!



Nobody was surprised to see longtime club member Trudean at our January meeting. She almost always comes, and has for a long time. Trudean was at the very first club meeting I attended, way back in the late 1980s, and by that time she had been a member for almost 10 years! In fact, 2017 will be Trudean’s 40th year as a member of the Vancouver Lace Club. During that time she has helped us out a lot, especially with our bookkeeping – she’s our long-time treasurer, pays the rent, and wrangles the bank account.

We all know, though, that we’re not the only place where Trudean helps out. She’s a long-time volunteer at the Kennedy Seniors Centre, and is there almost every day, plus she volunteers here, there, and … well, not everywhere, but certainly in a lot of places. So when, at the last meeting, Trudean mentioned that on January 6th she traveled to Victoria to receive a medal for her volunteerism, most of us weren’t surprised. Of course she deserves a medal, for all that she’s done!

Like most of us, I had not heard of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers; until this year it had a different name: the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. This national recognition of Trudean’s services is a great honour. We are all so happy and excited for her, and filled with admiration for her service. Congratulations, Trudean!


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