Free Pattern! Lace Getaway Registration!

The registration form for our Lace Getaway, April 24-26, is ready for you to download! You will find it in the drop-down menu that appears when your mouse hovers over the “Lace Getaway 2017” menu tab above this message. We have also updated the information in the Lace Getaway information (click on the tab), and you can also reach the registration form from that page. You can send in your registration any time, but please note that due to the room size we are limited to about 50 participants.

I hope you are planning to enter your lace piece relating to Canada’s 150th anniversary in our lace exhibit! Some people are designing their own, but non-designers have been asking for a pattern to make a maple leaf in bobbin lace, and so we have created one. You will find the link to the Maple Leaf in Bobbin Lace pattern in the same menu bar as the Lace Getaway information. It is a plain tape lace outline that can be enlarged or reduced to fit any size thread. You can just make the outline, or you can fill in the space in the middle with a bobbin lace filling, or any other type of lace you like. A little tatted or needle lace roundel would look lovely in the middle.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Getaway.



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