Love Trumps Lace

Our first Lace in the Park of the summer started off as a celebration – just as our group members arrived for the meeting, so did a young couple wanting to be married in the very same spot. Of course love trumps lace; our members were happy to stand aside while the ceremony took place. Club member Christine was even asked to be a witness for the ceremony! Lacemaking started around 11. A few of our regulars couldn’t make it – we hope to see you next time: Thursday, July 28 at 10:30 a.m. at the Rose Garden, Queen’s Park, New Westminster, BC

Don’t forget to check the “Lace Getaway 2017” page on our website, which has already been updated with news about the theme: “Canada – 150 years”. We hope lots of people will bring something to exhibit, and although this is not intended to be a lacemaking skills contest, we will award a “People’s Choice” prize for the most popular entry.



One thought on “Love Trumps Lace

  1. Sounds like I missed something special…I’m in Whitehorse right now, will be back in Vancouver before the 28th so hope to get to next summer meeting (although will be in the throes of moving then….)

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