International Lace Day

This Spring we found out about a Facebook page called “International Lace Day”. The day set for a world-wide celebration of lace is this coming Sunday, June 26, 2016. After investigating several possibilities and making a few different plans, we have received an invitation from the Roedde House Museum in Vancouver’s West End, and club members will demonstrate there on Sunday.

The Roedde House Museum is an old house – a survival from the turn of the last century – that has been restored and now showcases life in the 1890s. It is hard to believe that the West End, now chock-a-block with high-rise apartment buildings, was, within living memory, filled with single-family homes! We are excited to be able to demonstrate our craft in such an appropriate location.

The Roedde House Museum is at 1415 Barclay Street, the corner of Barclay and Broughton. (map)

Anyone who cannot attend can still take part in the International Lace Day celebration by making lace somewhere unusual. I will post any photos you care to send me of your own International Lace Day celebration.


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