Why Register So Soon?

Yesterday at the Club meeting somebody mentioned that February 1st is the opening day for registration for both the Pacific Northwest Lace Conference in Portland and the IOLI convention in Coralville, Iowa. I hadn’t realized – it seems so soon! But I’ll get right on it.

Why register so soon? The conference isn’t for at least 4 months! But I like to register as early as I can so I have the best chance of getting the class I want. Sometimes classes fill up quickly–really popular classes might fill up the same day registration opens–and I want my name on that class list!

There’s another reason–and I think it’s the most important one. A couple of months before the conference the organizers review the registrations to decide whether each of the classes they’ve planned will go ahead. If only a couple of people have registered for a class it will be cancelled. Once cancelled, the teacher is released from her commitment, the space is let go – and so once cancelled it won’t be un-cancelled. It doesn’t matter if two weeks later fifty more registrations are received. Gone is gone.

I don’t want to make anybody feel guilty if they want to wait for a while. Sometimes lots of things have to fall into place before you know for sure you can do something, and I have certainly registered at the last minute for a lot of things. But if you know you’re going and you have the money for the registration, give a thought to the poor organizers, and send in your registration as early as you can.


Classes Coming Up

Did you know both our local teachers–Jay Rudolph at Pear-Shaped Designs and Lenka Suchanek & her New Lace School–are starting up more classes very soon? You’ll find links to their websites on the right-hand side of this page.

More and More Conferences

With the start of the New Year I’ve updated the list of conferences–you’ll find the list on the right-hand side of this page. New links include the next IOLI conference in Iowa in July, the Kenmare Lace Festival in Ireland in March, and the next OIDFA conference–in 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Let’s all start day-dreaming.

Exhibition Coming Up!

Did you know that 2015 is Craft Year in Canada? We should all be on the watch for lots of craft-related events throughout the year. One local event coming up soon is an one-day-only exhibition by local lace artist and teacher Lenka Suchanek. The exhibition will be held on Saturday, February 14th, from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, at the Ocean Park Community Hall, 1577 – 128th Street, South Surrey, BC.  (map)

Lenka’s wire lace workshop, “Two Hearts Are More Than One” will take place the same day in the same location.