Lace Classes

Lacemakers working on their own projects can always find help at the Lace Club’s monthly meeting, but we don’t have set teaching programs, so I think it’s appropriate that I mention any learning opportunities that come our way.

We are lucky in the Lower Mainland to have two good lacemaking instructors, and you will find links to their websites in the sidebar on your right. Jay Rudolph has been teaching through her Pear Shaped Designs for several years now. Lenka Suchanek used to teach regularly, stopped for a while, and now is back with her New Lace School in South Surrey. Lenka is teaching a one-day Beginner Wire Needle Lace course on October 5th. Contact her via her website for details.


4 thoughts on “Lace Classes

  1. Hi Cecilia:
    This is a good day to post this question, because I’m just heading out to the Lace Club’s monthly meeting. I’ll ask around. I’m on a tatting shuttle search myself right now – I thought Michael’s would have them, but no such luck. Zeller’s used to, and they’re gone now. Sometimes a really big yarn shop will have them. I’ve found an online article you might want to read – wait for the new posting later today.

  2. Cecilia – I found one yesterday at Walmart. It’s not the best shuttle ever made, but if you just want to get hold of one so you can try the craft, it’s better than nothing.

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