Going to the Conference?

Never been to a lace conference? What’s it all about? First, it’s a great place to learn. Generally you take one or two classes, plus you get to see what all the other people are doing in their classes. There’s usually a lace display, and in the evenings there’s often a talk by one of the lace teachers. There’s also a sales room – books & supplies you never knew existed are all laid out, ready for you to come and see. You meet new friends, old friends, people from far away.

Nitty-gritty: The registration fee covers your class fees and may cover other costs depending on the conference. Sometimes the banquet fee is separate, sometimes it’s included. Sometimes meals and/or accommodation are included, sometimes they’re not.

The IOLI conference in Sacramento still has spaces as of this writing, but if you’ve missed it, not to worry, there’s always another conference on the horizon. As you see in the sidebar (right-hand side of this page), I’ve put in a link to the Northwest Lace Conference, to be held in Portland in June, 2015. Are you a great traveler? OIDFA and the Lace Guild also hold regular conferences. The Lace Guild’s conferences are always in the U.K. OIDFA conferences, held every 2 years, are usually in Europe, but may be anywhere. The 2014 conference is in Adelaide, Australia, while 2016 will be in Slovenia.



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