Feeling The Creative Flow?

A great opportunity to help people discover lacemaking! The Langley Arts Council will have a show, “Fibre and Lace”, this Fall. Anyone can enter their own lace piece, up to 16″ x 20″, so if you feel the fire of creativity, please click on the link under “Events in 2018”, on the right-hand panel.


Our New Meeting Place

We have found a new meeting place!

We will be meeting in the downstairs meeting room of the First Free Methodist Community Church at 320 – 8th Street in New Westminster. Further details are on our “About Us” page, here.

As we are the Vancouver Lace Club, we would have preferred to have stayed in Vancouver, but this new location ticks almost all our boxes! No stairs, plenty of room, parking close by, natural light, storage facilities – even the ability to make tea if we like! Do drop in to see us! Our next meeting will be on March 22nd. That “meeting” is actually our moving day, so we will meet at the Hastings Community Centre to pack up and then bring our packed boxes over to the new location. Our first full meeting in the new location will be April 26th. I hope to see you there!

We’re Moving!

The Vancouver Lace Club is moving!

We have been involved with the Hastings Community Centre since the Club first outgrew the Carlile’s living room in the 1960s, but now the administration of the community centre has changed, and what they have offered us (greater cost, poorer location, fewer advantages) is not what we require. Accordingly, we have decided to set sail into the wider world and find somewhere else to meet.

We do have a few possibilities, but none of them is perfect. So, we’re putting out the word to you, as someone who is interested in our Club, to see whether you have something to offer. What we want is:

– Meeting space for 10-12 people, with table and chairs, for 3 hours (preferably 10 am to 1 pm) once a month – preferably a guaranteed spot on the 4th Thursday of every month except December, July, and August.

– Space to be accessible for walkers, wheelchairs, cane users and heavy limpers, with washrooms on the same level

– Parking nearby

– Good light (windows preferred, but bright overhead lights are also good)

– It would be really nice if we could make tea.

– Ideally, the rental cost to be $60 or less

– and we’d love to store our little lockable rolling library cart on site

Do you know of a space that fulfils most of these requirements? If so, please do let us know; our final meeting at the Hastings Community Centre (aka “Packing Day”) will be March 22nd. We will be considering different possibilities over the Spring months, and hope to be back in permanent quarters in September. We will keep you informed with our regular messages, as to where out meetings are being held.

Thank you for your help! Happy lacemaking!

Meeting Cancelled Today

Lacemakers are very sensible people, and in view of the cold temperatures today and the snow we had last night, every one of our regular attendees has announced she will not be coming today. Our meeting is cancelled. I hope everyone has a great month and gets lots of lace done!

February Meeting

Our February meeting is this coming Thursday, February 22nd, in the East Hastings Community Centre (details).  Last month we took some pictures of UFOs, as some of us are trying to see how many UFOs we can get off our pillows during 2018. I’m happy to report that, thanks to Olympic curling, I took one of my UFOs off the pillow this morning! Hoping others are closing in on their goals as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.


Big Plans for 2018

Just a reminder that our first meeting of the New Year is tomorrow, January 25, from 10 am to 1 pm at the East Hastings Community Centre’s downstairs boardroom. Some of us will be starting a simple Christmas project, but you don’t have to take part in that project to enjoy yourself at the meeting. Anyone with UFO’s (unfinished objects) on their pillows is welcome to bring them. We will take a picture and then a picture of your finished piece at the end of the year!

January Meeting

Hope you all had a good Christmas and are in the process of having a Happy New Year! Our next Club meeting will be January 25th. (Meeting details).

As last year, the people who came to the Christmas luncheon picked a Christmas-themed project to start at the January meeting. This is intended to be a fun project so we will have something ready for next Christmas – there’s no pressure if you don’t want to join in – anybody at the January meeting can work on whatever project they want. I hope to see you there!