Rose Garden Meeting This Thursday

Everybody’s back from Spokane, and we’re having another Rose Garden meeting, this Thursday, August 1st (10 am – 1 pm) (map)

Hope to see you there!



Another Rose Garden Meeting

We’re going to meet at the Gazebo in the Rose Garden at Queen’s Park, on Thursday, July 18th. As it’s a public park you can of course come early or stay late, but we’ll have a couple of us for sure, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Hope to see you there!


The weather has not been our friend this week – we’ve had lots of rain and cloud. Few of us want to meet outdoors. So, we’ve decided to cancel tomorrow’s meeting in the Rose Garden at Queen’s Park.

We will set another date, later on in the summer, when we hope an outdoor meeting will be more pleasant!

Now, On To Summer At The Rose Garden

Well, yesterday’s meeting was a treat. Nine members came in total, including Trudean, who has been sorely missed for many months. Welcome back, Trudean, you’re looking great!┬áTrudean has been cleaning house, and brought in many wonderful things to donate to the club. Thank you!

Ivan Sayers brought a delightful lace bolero for show-and-tell. This sleeveless vest featured cloth-stitch motifs on Kat Stitch (a.k.a. Paris Ground) with Maltese lace edgings, all made in fine linen.

We discussed our plans for travel to the IOLI convention in Spokane – only three weeks away! – and considered having a lace day in the Fall – I’ll post more on that when our ideas and plans are firmed up.

Usually during the summer months we will meet in the gazebo at the Rose Garden at Queen’s Park. This location provides shade and seating, but you need to bring your own lace table (or bring a handheld lace project). Our first Rose Garden meeting is scheduled for July 11th, and those of us who are staying in town may also meet on July 25th. Dates will be confirmed here prior to each meeting.

Looking forward to a fine summer of lacemaking!

Meeting Tomorrow

Just to let you know that our last regular meeting of the year is tomorrow, from 10 am – 1 pm. (details)

We’ll be talking about our projects and what we’ve been doing, about the IOLI conference (coming up in less than a month!), and about our other lacemaking plans for this summer. During July and August we sometimes meet at the gazebo in the Rose Garden at Queen’s Park; we’ll make some plans for that, as well. The details of any meetings we set up will be announced here.

Plus, of course, we will have tea and treats. We would love to see you tomorrow morning!


A quick message to say that our next meeting is tomorrow, May 23rd, and it is at our regular meeting place. (details)

I’ve got something for show and tell – one of my flea market finds. The members who went up to the Getaway a couple of weeks ago are expected to dish! As always, if you wish to bring a little treat for us all to enjoy with our tea – that would be lovely.

Hope to see you tomorrow at ten!

Last Week’s Meeting and The Getaway

A few people emailed to say they weren’t able to come to last week’s meeting, but even without them (sob!) we had a pleasant number of people filling up our set of four tables. Two people brought treats, both particular favourites of mine (hot cross buns and jaffa cakes, if you want to know), which nicely filled out the tea-table.

We had a lot of discussion of the Getaway, which will start in a week’s time. Some of us can’t attend at all, but our Club won’t be a complete no-show – several of our members are going for the full three days.

Some people like to just go over to the Island for Wednesday, for the luncheon, and there was some discussion of how to get those people to the Getaway – and back home – on that day. Angela has offered to drive down to Nanaimo on Wednesday morning and pick people up at the ferry terminal, and though Angela will not be able to return to the Terminal in the afternoon, there are other people coming back Wednesday afternoon who will be able to give you a ride. So, if you would like to go, but think you can’t because of the transportation problems, do e-mail Angela and see if she has room in her car. Maybe something can be worked out.

We also discussed the IOLI conference in Spokane at the end of July, speculating as to whether we got into our classes. The organizers had said we would know by mid-May, but several of us received our confirmations yesterday, and we all got into the classes we wanted. Yay!

Our next meeting is May 23rd – we hope to see you there!