With A Heavy Sigh…

Sadly, the Getaway that was planned for Chilliwack in March, has been postponed. We all know why – Omicron, I’m looking at you – but we also know that we’re getting through this pandemic and one day it will be a thing of the past and we’ll meet again at the Getaway.

It just won’t be in 2022. Probably 2023.

Merry Christmas!

On December 9th we had a very successful Christmas luncheon. We had several tables in our usual meeting room, covered in our Christmas tablecloths. A small table in the middle of the room held a display of Christmas lace items we’ve made through the years. We brought in take-out food from the local White Spot, where we would have been eating in other years. Then Irene put out all our sale items and we were able to pick out some lovely bobbins and other items.

We were so happy that some members were able to come to the luncheon, who we haven’t seen in several years. Their presence made the day even more festive.

Several members brought gifts – thank you all! – and one of those was a free lace pattern from LOKK, the Dutch lace guild. Some of us were wondering just how the long strip of lace made an angel, so of course I had to make it. I’ve put up a page in our Patterns section (in the top menu bar), showing the completed lace piece and how to finish it. It was fun to make. The page also has a link to the free pattern page on the LOKK website, where you will find the pattern “Engel, staand of hangend”.

I hope everyone is well, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Festivities

This coming Thursday – December 9th – is our annual Christmas lunch, plus our long-awaited sale!

  • Location: our regular meeting place, 320 – 8th Street in New Westminster
  • Time: 10 am to 1 pm (regular meeting hours)
  • lunch will be ordered from the local White Spot early on Thursday morning for pickup at 11 am; take a look at their online main menu and email your order to Christine by Wednesday. She will take care of the ordering, and you will need to bring cash to the luncheon to reimburse her – remember to add tip and tax to your calculations!
  • we will also have the Estate Sale that we originally planned for November, 2019! That was delayed for weather and Christmas and the next thing we knew the world had shut down. So, bring extra cash – we have some quite lovely bobbins in the sale; some finely painted, mother-and-babe, carved, and also some other lacemaking tools and specialty items you might love to have

Do you have any lace Christmas items – ornaments, etc? If so, we would love it if you’d bring them along and add them to our informal display.

Hope to see you on Thursday!

Back to Normal: October Meeting and More!

We were all happy to be able to see one another again at our September meeting, and our monthly schedule is now carrying on as it was in the past. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, October 28th. (details)

We also have a monthly get-together on Zoom, where we make lace (or knit) and socialize. If you want to take part in the Zoom, please email Betty to get on the Zoom link distribution list.

In September we were happy to welcome a new member, Rosemary, who is rediscovering bobbin lace after a long time away from the craft.

While the pandemic was on, I sadly and slowly deleted item after item from the “Events” category on our homepage. Now, things have turned around and I’ve been able to start adding! On the right side of the website home page you will find a link to the Winter Lace Conference in Costa Mesa, California, which will take place in February, 2022.

Also, our Lace Getaway is re-scheduled! Click on “The Lace Getaway” on the top menu bar, for an update about the Getaway, which will be hosted by the Abbey Hill Lacemakers of Abbotsford March 24-26, 2022. If you’re interested in attending, you should email Abbey Hill Lacemakers to be put on their email information list. I’ve updated the Lace Getaway page to include a little information about what the Getaway is, and what to expect when you’re there.

Let’s Try This Again

Hello again! We’re restarting our regular meetings, and the next one is this Thursday (September 23rd)

We’d love to welcome any members who are double-vaccinated to our regular meeting place in the church basement at 320 – 8th Street, New Westminsters. (details)

Our COVID-aware meeting plan is that we will wear masks when we are up and walking around, or leaning close to someone while looking at their work. Masks can be removed when we are seated, and we will space out the tables to a safe distance. Happily the room is so big that we can have up to 10 members attend without compromising on our distancing.

I do hope to see you there!

Meeting Tomorrow

Just a quick note to remind everyone that we are resuming our Club meetings at our regular location! Our first Fall meeting will be tomorrow, October 22nd, at 10 a.m. (Details)

We will be able to boil water, but we’re asking people to bring their own mugs as we will not be able to use the ones out of the kitchen.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Local News – Speakeasy Style

Longtime club member Ivan Sayers will display 1920s-era clothing at the Roedde House Museum, on 4 days in October. This is the Victorian house in the West End of Vancouver where many members demonstrated lacemaking on International Lace Day a few years ago. The Museum advertises:

An expansive exhibit of 1920’s fashions from local fashion historian and curator Ivan Sayers; safely distributed speakeasy-themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with information about Vancouver during the Prohibition Era; a unique photo booth for guests to strike a historical pose in an authentic Victorian house (photos will be a giveaway); 1920’s-inspired hand-crafted masks available for purchase and great door prizes!

The event is being safely run (only 10 attendees at a time, and a 90-minute maximum stay) on only 4 days (Oct 2, 3, 16 and 17). A description of the event, map, and ticket sales are here.

Summer Update and Fall News!

Well, hello everybody; it’s been a while. Hope you’re doing well. During the summer we met several times at Queen’s Park in New Westminster – though not as often as we’d have liked. Somehow, if it rains only one day in the week, it’s on a Thursday! Plus the past two weeks we’ve had to cancel due to the amount of smoke in the air. Never mind, we have big news:

Our regular meeting place is opening up again! The church will start services on Thanksgiving (October 12th) and we’re reverting to our normal Fall schedule, meeting the fourth Thursday of the month, which will be October 22nd. (Details) We have a large meeting room, and we will be spreading ourselves out, and using appropriate equipment such as masks and plenty of sanitizer. We’re also asking people to bring their own snacks/meals. We’ll still be able to boil water, and will have cups available, but please bring your own supplies (tea, coffee, etc).

We are so glad to be able to meet again in a warm, dry place!

More News – six of us took pictures of ourselves on International Lace Day, which was way back in … well, a couple of months ago anyway. I have finally put them all up in our photo gallery! So please take a look (the link is on the horizontal menu bar at the top of this page) and see what we were all doing on that day.


International Lace Day

Just a reminder that today is International Lace Day!

I see several of our members have registered with the Facebook page, and of course they’d love it if you would post a picture of yourself making lace on that page sometime before 2:30 pm today.

Some of us either haven’t registered or don’t care to post on Facebook, but the Vancouver Lace Club would love to celebrate with photos of its members. Just take a photo of yourself making lace, and e-mail it to me (Adele) privately over the next few days or so. I’ll put the photos up on the Gallery page on this website.

Our next meeting is in Queen’s Park is this Thursday, July 9th. Please come if you can, we’d love to see you.

Happy Canada Day! (and tomorrow’s meeting cancelled)

Happy Canada Day! Like everything else that is happening in 2020, this Canada Day is unique. They cancelled the fireworks quite a while back – no giving anybody a reason to join a crowd! No parades, of course – but they have thought up some clever stuff:

I got a letter from the City (West Vancouver) just the other day – the plan is for stealth events. Live musicians, hidden here and there, including in my neighbourhood, who will be completely hidden from view (on rooftops, or inside buildings with open windows) so nobody will converge to see them, playing music this evening. I really love how cleverly it has all been worked out.

Now, to see whether Stealth Canada Day works, given the cool, rainy weather we’re having! The same weather is forecast for the next two days, so after some consultation via e-mail this morning, we’ve decided to cancel tomorrow’s informal meeting in Queen’s Park. At least 4 of us have said we’re not going; I have to assume the others feel pretty much the same.

Let’s try for next week! The date of our next meeting at Queen’s Park will be July 9th. (details)