A quick message to say that our next meeting is tomorrow, May 23rd, and it is at our regular meeting place. (details)

I’ve got something for show and tell – one of my flea market finds. The members who went up to the Getaway a couple of weeks ago are expected to dish! As always, if you wish to bring a little treat for us all to enjoy with our tea – that would be lovely.

Hope to see you tomorrow at ten!


Last Week’s Meeting and The Getaway

A few people emailed to say they weren’t able to come to last week’s meeting, but even without them (sob!) we had a pleasant number of people filling up our set of four tables. Two people brought treats, both particular favourites of mine (hot cross buns and jaffa cakes, if you want to know), which nicely filled out the tea-table.

We had a lot of discussion of the Getaway, which will start in a week’s time. Some of us can’t attend at all, but our Club won’t be a complete no-show – several of our members are going for the full three days.

Some people like to just go over to the Island for Wednesday, for the luncheon, and there was some discussion of how to get those people to the Getaway – and back home – on that day. Angela has offered to drive down to Nanaimo on Wednesday morning and pick people up at the ferry terminal, and though Angela will not be able to return to the Terminal in the afternoon, there are other people coming back Wednesday afternoon who will be able to give you a ride. So, if you would like to go, but think you can’t because of the transportation problems, do e-mail Angela and see if she has room in her car. Maybe something can be worked out.

We also discussed the IOLI conference in Spokane at the end of July, speculating as to whether we got into our classes. The organizers had said we would know by mid-May, but several of us received our confirmations yesterday, and we all got into the classes we wanted. Yay!

Our next meeting is May 23rd – we hope to see you there!

Happy Easter and April Meeting

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend.

Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, April 25th, from 10 am to 1 pm at our regular location. As always, if you’re able to bring a little treat for us to have with our tea, please do. (We do supply the tea, and sugar, but not milk or cream or treats.)

I’m looking forward to seeing everybody’s Spring projects. Hope to see you there!

The March Meeting

Our meeting on March 28th could probably be described as “rollicking” – so much happened.

The big event was that it was Ruth’s birthday! She brought in a lovely cream-topped cake, thoughtfully bought for us by her daughter. We all sang Happy Birthday and wished her many more happy years.

This was the first meeting after our demonstration at FibreFest, and we were happy to see two new members at the meeting – welcome Nancy and Elaine! We also had a some visitors, who brought in a vintage roller pillow for donation – a beautiful Danish pillow covered in deep red velvet, with decorated turned wooden ends to the bolster – a lovely pillow! So many people wanted it we had to have a drawing. Julie – we all hope to see the pillow again at our meetings or demonstrations!

Our next meeting will be on April 25th. We hope to see you there.

February Meeting Recap

Last Thursday’s meeting was a lot of fun – a good turnout and lots of discussion. We missed our regular attendees Irene and Trudean and hope they’ll be back with us soon. We welcomed Pat, a new member, who is involved with Lenka and the annual “Lace Heart Art” competition.

We also welcomed back long-time member Ivan Sayers, who always shows up with some interesting show-and-tell. This time he brought something only the Victorians would ever have designed or made – a curtain from the late 1800s, a bold combination of heavy crochet in imitation of different patterns in Reticella lace, edged with a number of different accessories, from tassels to crocheted curlicues, and a background of matching knotted net, all in a deep golden brown.

We also received two books donated by Paula Shore: the Shire book “Pillow Lace and Bobbins”, and Pat Earnshaw’s book “Lace Machines and Machine Laces”, a very interesting new addition to our collection. We thought that in some future meetings we will spend some time studying a piece of lace for our own education; Ivan will provide the lace pieces for identification and discussion.

We thank the members who brought treats to go with our tea. Next month Ruth will be celebrating her birthday on our meeting day, and she will bring a cake, so no need to bring treats to the March meeting, which will be on March 28th. We hope you’ll be able to come!

Not Quite Late

Our next meeting is this Thursday, February 28th (yes, the day after tomorrow!), at our regular place and time.  Please feel free to bring a treat for our tea.

A couple of weeks ago some early Lace Club newsletters were scanned and sent to all of us – much to talk about there! Plus I think we have an archive of them in our storage room – I think a little rummaging will bring it to the surface. This month I’ll bring in the little Christmas Bell I made, from a pattern from the newsletter. If anyone else has old lace/patterns from earlier days, do bring them in. Our 2019 challenge is to make a piece from an old pattern.


January Meeting

Our first meeting of 2019 is next Thursday, January 24, at our regular meeting place, from 10 am to 1 pm. It would be lovely if you could bring a little treat for us to have with our tea.

We will have lots to talk about, with the IOLI conference registration starting February 15th, our new member challenge, and our other plans for 2019 to be discussed. Hope to see you there!